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We are thrilled to launch WICT Europe in Spain! November 27, 16:30 – 20:00 @ Commscope

Nos entusiasma anunciar el lanzamiento en España de WICT Europe!

About this Event
Join us at our inaugural event, sponsored by CommScope, to find out more about Women in Technology (WICT) Europe. Hosted by President, Emma Lyon – VP People Liberty Global, you will hear from some business leaders in keynote and panel addresses, and network with women in communications and technology.

Ven a nuestra inauguración, patrocinada por CommScope, para conocer más sobre el papel de la mujer en el sector tecnológico (Women in Technology Europe). Contaremos con nuestra Presidenta, Emma Lyon – Directora de Personas en Liberty Global. Podrás escuchar a líderes del sector y conectar con mujeres del mundo de las telecomunicaciones y la tecnología.

Career Resolutions for 2020 December 11, 17:00 – 19:30 @ Liberty Global campus

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to think about your career goals for 2020 and the steps you can take to build or strengthen your own personal brand. The workshop will provide you with plenty of food for thought, and will challenge you to think differently about how you show up at work. Using a combination of presentations, discussions and practical exercises, and drawing on their own personal experiences, Cindy and Julia will offer insights to help you focus on what really matters to you and your brand at work.

Julia Hart has more than 25 years’ experience of working in the Dutch business world, having started her career in corporate communications shortly after arriving in the Netherlands in the early 1990s. Originally educated as a journalist in the UK, Julia has built up a deep knowledge of what it takes to successfully build and protect reputations and has advised CEOs and senior leaders on a wide range of reputational and communications issues. Julia is currently Director of Corporate Communications at Nutreco. Julia is also a qualified professional executive coach with her own coaching practice. She is passionate about bringing the principles of coaching to as many professionals as possible, helping them improve their performance and achieve their career ambitions. As a woman working in a corporate environment, she is particularly keen on bringing coaching to groups that can struggle to be successful in tough, hierarchical organizations. Julia has published her first book Insider Secrets (CarriereGeheimen in Dutch), which mixes experiences from her own career and advice from her coaching practice to offer insights and advice to anyone struggling with an issue at work.

Cindy Meervis has a track record of more than 20 years working for Belgian and Dutch (multi)national companies in a variety of disciplines, from marketing to consulting to HR. Cindy’s original education was in the field of Applied Economics, at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). During her career, she has attended several leadership development programs at national and international business schools. At the end of 2018, she decided to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur, bringing her experience to start-ups and scales-up and helping them grow their organisation and people.

Together, Cindy and Julia have created their own start-up, Getcnncted, with the ambition of helping young people build fulfilling careers through the power of coaching and mentoring.

Past events

Body Language Workshop October 17 16:00 – 19:00 @ Liberty Global campus

Body language is a critical component of good communication, and often conveys a bigger message than the words you say. This interactive sessions teaches you how to interpret what people really mean by observing their posture, gestures, eye movements, and more, and holds up a mirror to give you a clear idea of how you’re being interpreted yourself. 

Led by the acclaimed author of Body Language for Dummies, Elizabeth Kuhnke will touch upon non-verbal communication, voice and tone, word choice, pitch, pace and pause.

WICT Summer Drinks August 29 from 16:30-19:30 at Deloitte’s Amsterdam office #TheEdge

Save the date! On August 29 we’re going to be easing back into work with a focus on Health and Well-being, at the world’s greenest office building! Vincent Linssen and Sophia Savvides of Deloitte will outline how you and your organisation can Reimagine and Shape the Future of Health & Well-being. Come and meet your peers and get inspired.

Successful Stakeholder Engagement – learn how to successfully influence customers and colleagues, and deepen engagement levels.
Join us for this interactive workshop July 9th, 13:00-15:30 at the Liberty Global Campus

We’ll focus on Aligning Perceptions to arrive at group consensus, handling Difficult Conversations while maintaining rapport and the Importance of Storytelling to deepen engagement levels. 

Liz Harris-Ulph, founder of Alchemy Training, has created a half day training focusing on stakeholder engagement, at all levels.  By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the value of storytelling in stakeholder engagement
  • Have participated in an exercise where personal and group views are reconciled
  • Know the 4 stages of ‘ECHO’ a model for handling difficult conversations.

Speak Up Dear! Learn how to strike the right balance and make an impact with story-telling and presentation techniques.
May 28th – Workshop at Liberty Global Campus 15:00-18.30pm

Women at work have to walk a fine line between being too dominant and too nice. You want to present with impact, whether at a table or on a stage. You want to tell clear, appealing stories that really land with your audience.

But how do you do that?

Women who profile themselves balance on a narrow beam – too dominant, and she can be rejected as not nice enough, but if she behaves too nicely, she is not taken seriously. This dilemma cost Hillary Clinton’s spin doctors many sleepless nights. When she acted too firmly, the voters found her unattractive, but when she was too feminine, it was at the expense of her authority. Unfortunately, this dilemma is not limited to presidential candidates. Wherever women work, these questions arise. 

Nobbe Mieras will teach us how to unravel this dilemma in this interactive workshop.

  • Get an impression of how others see you
  • Famous women struggling with their authority
  • How women often (unconsciously) stop themselves from profiling and being visible in the organization
  • Learn to read your own and other ‘s behaviour with ‘The Big Two’ – competence and warmth
  • Get a handle on your own unique image management plan

Talk Lean: Dealing with others more simply, more authentically and more productively
May 2nd – Workshop 16:00 – 19:00

Women in business are often advised to speak up, to be bolder and more daring, to say what we really think or to ask for what we really want – and it’s difficult to disagree with such advice.

But agreeing with it is often easier than following it.

How CAN we speak up in a way that’s not just comfortable for ourselves but comfortable for the people we’re talking to as well? How can we do so without jeopardising important relationships, or without earning the odious – and undeniably sexist – epithet “bossy”? How can we broach sensitive subjects, announce difficult news, make ambitious requests (that pay-rise or promotion) – in a way which is always both productive and constructive in terms of results and of relationships?


Alan Palmer, the UK Managing Director of Interactifs, a company which has developed an innovative approach in these areas, and the author of “Talk Lean: Shorter Meetings. Quicker Results. Better Relations” has some suggestions. The workshop is a short, and highly interactive, versions of the seminars which Interactifs delivers in 13 languages around the world, in blue-chip companies and leading business schools.

In it, Alan will share some simple principles and tools which will allow you to be more direct and straight to the point but without ever being abrupt; and to show respect, to earn respect and to maintain self-respect, without ever losing impact and focus.

Get in touch at contact@wicteurope.com to register your interest or to learn more, and for further info about Interactifs please visit interactifs.co.uk

February 13th – We Officially Launched!

WICT Europe launched officially on February 13th and we were delighted to mark this special occasion at the stunning Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, where we featured some of our industry’s most powerful female voices.

With a launch theme of ‘The Power of Women‘, we opened with an introduction from Maria E. Brennan, the President and CEO of WICT Global, learned the top 10 tips from an international industry pioneer, Miranda Curtis, on the Board of Liberty Global and Liberty Latin America, and heard wisdom shared by a panel of WICT chairs and executive leaders. Of course we took the opportunity to network and connect afterwards too.

Our panel addressed the essential role of women in leadership and their value to the bottom line. Moderated by Amy Blair, Chief People Officer at Liberty Global, with:
Melissa Raczak – Partner, Deloitte
Marva Johnson – VP, Charter Communications
Jeroen Hoencamp – CEO, Vodafone Ziggo
Enrique Rodrigues – EVP & CTO, Liberty Global

We’re excited and proud to have launched the Europe chapter on the 40th anniversary of the WICT organisation.

Dec 12th – Christmas Drinks and Panel

On December 12th we were hosted by our friends from Deloitte in one of the most #sustainable office buildings in the world #TheEdge. We had a great time discussing what makes an inspirational female leader and how corporations can work together to empower women in leadership. And of course, we could not miss the opportunity to wrap it all up with Christmas Drinks.